Who we are

The Vhadumane Group is a wholly black owned holding company comprising of MacTech, Donaldares, OnStore, Una Matshomo Foundation, Dollywood Studios, We also sell cars, We do trailers, Property644 and Six Zeros.

With vast experience in media and technology and while providing a track record of excellence, the Vhadumane Group has become a market leader innovation.

We pride ourselves in designing cost effective, custom built software solutions, tailored to your business practices and management needs through combining innovation with the best-of-breed software solutions.

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our companies

Vhadumane Group provide world class wireless technology in South Africa. With our exemplary service, brilliant product offering and having been in business since 2017,  our clients are no longer our clients-they have become our firm friends. With our amazing prices, we look forward to extending a warm welcome to you as well.


A networking and technology company


This is online store where we buy and sell second hand products.


We buy and Sell properties around South Africa.


An online fashion boutique

Dollywood studios

We do films and documentary