About us

Vhadumane Group is a South African based company providing oversight and resources to our family of subsidiaries in housing, infrastructure, property development and ICT solutions. Founded on a corporate culture which has promoted solution orientated strategies to our stakeholders, we have delivered market leading projects to across the industry.


We pride ourselves in living up to our values and providing a high standard of work to our clients. Professionalism has seen us grow our network and strive at what we do best. We strongly believe that our actions and behaviour begin within our organisation before they are executed out to our stakeholders.


Vhadumane aims to uphold honest relationships with high principles in business. We take great responsibility for our business practices in the public eye and are governed by our ethics and integrity that affects our world and the parties involved.


As an organisation, we work towards maintaining an open and honest system that shares all details of our practices. Managing positive and clear channels of dialogue across our industry is our priority.